I am a painter. Some paintings come together when things in the world ask to be painted and I paint them. Some come from an idea or an image that I hold onto as the painting begins and it grows from there. They all hold things that I’ve seen or loved or experienced inside of them.

I make room for the work and I let go of expectations. This is not easy. I am not always successful. I am not trying to get anywhere in particular. I make space for it and I also let life happen. I do other work, I move around in the world. It is satisfying to paint a seascape, to let that work ground me and move me and remind me how to paint. It is harder to stand in front of a blank canvas with an idea and ask it what it needs. Both ways are good. They feed each other.

Sometimes the work it takes to get to a quiet, empty place is astronomically difficult. But when I get there, there is an ease, and I feel lighter. More free.

Most of the time I love to paint. Sometimes I think I am going to paint but I sit still instead. I am learning to listen better.  I love the beauty of oil paint, especially, its messiness and its sensuality. I love my connection to every person who's ever worked with it or looked at it. I love when I feel, even for a minute, like all this time and work and living has brought me to a moment when it comes together and feels like magic.


I live in the East End of Portland, Maine.

Contact me at sharonmcgauley@gmail.com.

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I am represented by the following galleries:

Addison Art Gallery in Orleans, Massachusetts.

Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii.

Lemonade Stand Art Gallery in Key West, Florida.