i want to make paintings i can throw everything into: the messiness, the confusion and the pain of being in the world, and also the joy and the beauty. most of all the beauty, especially when it’s unexpected.

the paintings teach me and the process changes me. i write about this a lot.

sometimes what it takes to get to a quiet, empty place - to begin - astounds me. sometimes i think i am going to paint but i sit still instead. i am learning to listen better.

i love when time and work and living all come together and making a painting feels like magic.



i live in the East End of Portland, Maine.

contact me at sharonmcgauley@gmail.com.

i love to write. Read HERE or join the mailing list.

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i am represented by the following galleries:

Addison Art Gallery in Orleans, Massachusetts.

Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii.

Lemonade Stand Art Gallery in Key West, Florida.